Student Support at RCC

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RCC_student_supportAt RCC, we’re committed to providing our students with the tools and resources needed for academic and career success. Two of our student support programs and resources are highlighted below. For information on additional student support resources at RCC, including Single Stop, Disability Services, Testing, and Advising, visit our website.

Destination: College

RCC_5986edOne of the programs offered by Roxbury Community College to assist non-traditional learners in the transition to college is the Destination: College Program (DC Program), funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The DC Program is open to adult learners who have passed the HiSET exam (formerly the GED) and were previously enrolled in a DESE funded Adult Basic Education, GED, or ESOL Program.

Students who enroll in the DC Program are eligible to attend four classes (College Experience, Introduction to Computers, English and Math) for free, with the option of using the credits earned towards their certificate or associate’s degree. In addition to offering free courses, DC also supports adult students transitioning to college-level work by helping students create individualized plans for their education and career, facilitating study groups to enable community-driven learning, and boosting students’ confidence to complete college-level work.

Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea Clarke

“I believe that all students have the ability to reach their full potential when supported with the necessary and appropriate resources,” says Chelsea Clarke, RCC’s coordinator of the DC Program. “The DC Program is a crucial resource for many of our adult learners. DC is here to support students and to serve as a stepping stone to their next professional or academic goal.”

Interested in joining our Destination: College Program? In order to qualify for the program, you must:

  • have passed the HiSET (formerly GED);
  • have been enrolled in a DESE funded Adult Basic Education, GED, or ESOL program;
  • have a Social Security Number;
  • have photo ID;
  • be a Massachusetts resident;
  • be an American citizen or have a permanent residency status; and,
  • demonstrate the ability to read and do math at a level as determined by a standardized assessment.

To start your application to the Destination: College Program, or to learn more, visit

The Learning Center at RCC

Roxbury Community College hosts a variety of free tutoring resources designed to help students academically. Tutoring sessions are held in the Learning Center, the Writing Center, the Language Lab, the Math Clinic, and the Online Writing Lab, offering a range of spaces – on-campus and online – where students may go to receive academic support.

RCC_5966In-person, students are encouraged to receive one-on-one help from both professional and peer tutors in a wide variety of subjects, including: accounting, anatomy and physiology, biology, business, chemistry, computers, economics, English, English for speakers of other languages, general science, math, nutrition, Spanish, statistics, and writing. Students can also attend weekly group tutoring sessions in several math and science subjects. Students can sign up for these tutoring appointments online, or in-person at the Learning Center.

Our Online Writing Lab allows students to submit essay drafts for review and feedback. Within two business days of submitting an essay, a writing tutor responds with online written comments to guide students in the revision process. And, RCC’s Math Bootcamp provides new students with a refresher on math skills they may not have used in a while. The Math Bootcamp helps students looking to boost their placement test scores, so they can take college-level math sooner.

For more information on RCC’s Learning Center, visit 

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