Student Success: Veronica Tomlinson

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RCC_VeronicaExpected Degree and Graduation Date: 

AS in Early Childhood Education, May 2016

Veronica Tomlinson always loved playing “school” and pretending that she was the teacher when she was young. So, it’s only natural that she decided to pursue a career in early childhood education as an adult. After earning her GED at RCC in 2012, Veronica decided to continue her education and enrolled in RCC’s ECE Program.

Veronica completed her internship during the fall 2015 semester at Rosa Parks Day Care Center in Roxbury on Savin Street. “I was working there while I completed my internship. I practiced curriculum planning, assisted with activities practicing fine and gross motor skills, and helped with homework. I gained experience with both toddlers and preschoolers during my internship.”

After graduating from the program, Veronica plans to work full time at the Dimock Center. She already works there, part-time, and looks forward to becoming a full-time member of their staff.

And she has serious words of advice for anyone considering a career in ECE: “You have to pay attention. Make sure that this is something that you want to do. This is hard, and there’s a lot that is at stake. If this is something that you’re studying just to find a job, do something else. The first years of childhood education are crucial for a child’s development. You have to have a passion for this to be successful.”

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