Student Success: Isamal Fritzberg

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RCC_IsamalExpected Degree and Graduation Date: 

AS in Early Childhood Education, May 2016

Isamal Fritzberg has always enjoyed working with children, which is why she decided to study early childhood education.

“I enjoy working with children—I’ve been working with children since I was at UMass Dartmouth, where I completed my work study at a homeless shelter. And, I also worked at Carney Academy, where I taught children how to read, write and speak in English. This is where I first became interested in the field. They didn’t have an ECE program at (UMass) Dartmouth; so, when I found out about RCC’s ECE Program, I decided to transfer here.”

Isamal completed her internship during the fall 2015 semester at the Little Sprouts day care center, at RCC. She spent 75 hours with infants, and another 75 with toddlers. “I learned how to develop a curriculum and participated in activities with the children. I also helped with the daily routine—feeding, diapering, and playing games. I did a little bit of everything.”

After graduating, Isamal plans to transfer to a four year school to obtain a bachelor’s degree. “I’ve actually been offered a job by Tarts Day Care Center; they offered me a full-time job as a lead teacher. I’ll work full-time while I earn my bachelors.”

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