Student Success Story: Deila Vieira

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Delia Viera wanted to create a better life for her family.

She says, “Before becoming a phlebotomist, I was working part-time jobs at a call center and I did not have a steady work schedule. It was difficult because I had a son and no help. I could not go on like that.” Reflecting on her experience as a student, Delia tells students what to expect, “It is going to be hard, you need to keep yourself motivated.” She adds, “Study, study and study a lot. Practice as much as you can with the tourniquets and needles. Get as much information from your instructor, and please do not get discouraged.”

Deila completed her internship at Quest Diagnostic, where she received both an outstanding evaluation and a full-time job offer. “I was surprised when I got a job offer so quickly. It was one of my best accomplishments.” Deila is enjoying her career as a phlebotomist, but she has established new goals for herself. In the fall of 2015, Deila will be back at school pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health care management at UMass Boston.

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