RCC is Developing a Clean Energy Program – and It Starts with Solar!

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Roxbury_clean_energyThe fast developing field of clean, “green,” or solar energy is ripe with career opportunities and business development opportunities.

To provide the training necessary for entry into this field, we have dusted off and updated our Solar PV Installation and Renewable Energy courses.

RCC_4800_amsThe updated courses are Introduction to Solar Energy and PV Installation and Electricity for Renewable Energy Technicians.

The course updates are designed to ensure instructors have the most current industry experience and information. The course content provides students with the most current knowledge, along with an opportunity for hands-on training. The course instructors, Chris Robinson and Jonah Decola, have worked in the solar field for many years. Both instructors will be soon certified as Master Trainers in the solar industry from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

Additionally, RCC’s solar laboratory and roof-top photovoltaic cells provide students with the ability to understand how solar energy is collected, stored and distributed. These hands-on courses help students to prepare for a career in solar energy applications and PV system installation. Training includes learning code, regulations, safety procedures and PV system installation. This course offers students a unique opportunity to fully apply the theory and skills learned in the Electricity for Renewable Energy course, such as wiring size and electrical circuitry, as well as energy storage, inverter, controller installation and operations.

One of the students in the program, Dan Hutcherson of Roxbury, works as a placement specialist with STRIVE Boston.

“The course here at RCC is ahead of the curve,” says Mr. Hutcherson. “Once students and the general population can grasp the needs and rapid changes in the energy field, the sky is the limit. RCC’s choice to lead the way sets them apart as a college that has a vision for the future and acts as a beacon to impending global change.”

Hutcherson plans to connect urban graduates of the RCC program with the solar and photovoltaic industries here and in underdeveloped countries.

Another program participant, Khali Maddox-Abdegeo, enrolled in the program both for his professional development and to promote widespread economic change. An avid supporter of the program, Mr. Maddox-Abdegeo is committed to working with RCC to develop new solar energy programs that provide energy training opportunities to communities of color.

“There is an energy career divide in our communities of color in Boston and elsewhere in the Commonwealth,” said Mr. Maddox-Abdegeo. “I hope to work with RCC to create a basic design and installation course, which would prepare a man or woman to be a PV designer, installer, or a consultant. The course could also help with work as a systems maintenance worker, contractor, or an account executive for the sales force in a small or moderate size PV firm or PV related company.”

Students who complete the program will receive a certificate with a potential opportunity for an internship based on availability. The next classes begin on August 17th, 2015. For more details, call us at 617 933-7410.


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