New Honors-to-Honors Scholarship Program with UMass Amherst Augments Strong Transfer Services at RCC

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Roxbury_honors_to_honorsIn April 2015, the University of Massachusetts Amherst announced Honors-to-Honors, a new scholarship program that provides additional funding to honors graduates of the state’s 15 community colleges who are accepted into the university’s Commonwealth Honors College, to help them complete their bachelor’s degrees.

These awards will nearly eliminate the loan obligations of community college graduates who transfer to UMass Amherst.

This program provides a $6,000 annual scholarship in addition to need-based aid from federal and state sources. To be eligible for these scholarships, community college graduates must be Massachusetts residents and low-income (Pell Grant eligible) or first-generation students. This new scholarship program serves as a supplement to the existing MassTransfer program, through which all MA community college graduates are guaranteed acceptance to the state’s four-year colleges and universities if they participate in approved programs and meet certain criteria. Students eligible for Honors-to-Honors must graduate from an honors program in any of the state’s community colleges and be accepted into the Commonwealth Honors College.

The Honors-to-Honors scholarship at UMass Amherst will augment the already substantial list of four year institutions which provide special scholarships to RCC graduates and/or graduates of all MA community colleges. A full list of local colleges providing these scholarships can be found on RCC’s Transfer and Articulation Services website.

RCC’s Transfer and Articulation Service Office is committed to assisting students who wish to pursue their education beyond the associates degree. The office provides programs and services in the form of information sessions, academic enrichment opportunities, and transfer fairs. The office also provides students with applications and fee waivers (when available) to provide a seamless transfer process for RCC students to four year colleges or universities.

For additional information on our transfer programs and available transfer scholarships, including the new Honors-to-Honors scholarship, please contact our transfer office at 617.541.5327 or [email protected].

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