A Second Time to Shine: RCC Gives Students Another Shot at Success

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For Sharon Olivo (AA, ’15), her freshman year in college was a disappointment.

“I attended a four year school in Florida, mostly because of the financial aid package,” says Sharon. “I had trouble fitting in. Most of the students were wealthy, and the college community wasn’t diverse. Even though my grades were fine, I knew I couldn’t go back there for my sophomore year.”

A bit disheartened but nonetheless interested in continuing her education, Sharon came home to Dorchester, and decided to enroll at RCC. Lacking motivation, she wasn’t able to finish her classes. After that self-perceived failure, she lost confidence in herself. So she decided against continuing her studies and moved to New York.

While living in New York, Sharon became interested in film production. “I would walk around the city and see movies and TV shows being filmed. I knew that if I wanted a career in film production, I would need training.” And just like that, ten years after her previous enrollment, Sharon re-enrolled at RCC and began taking courses through the Broadcast Media Technology Program.

Since re-enrolling at RCC, Sharon has become a model student. She finished her first semester with a 4.0 GPA and was encouraged by an enrollment advisor to complete an Honors Project. After attending an Honors Presentation organized by Professor Rhonda Gray, Sharon completed her first Honors Project for English Composition II.

Instead of completing the Honors Program requirements, Sharon opted to devote her final semester at RCC to preparing transfer applications. “I applied to ten schools. I was accepted at the University of Pennsylvania, Colombia University and Emerson College. Penn is my top choice; I’m just waiting on the financial aid package.”

Fully committed to attending a four year school, Sharon plans to wait until she receives all of her acceptance letters and financial aid packages before making a final decision. Over the summer, she hopes to secure an internship in the field of communications and public relations—the field in which she intends to major upon transferring to a four year school.

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