RCC’s College Nursing Program (AS) Teaches the Art of Caring

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If you’re the kind of person who loves helping others, turn your talents into a paycheck with a career in the healthcare field. With a wide variety of settings and job opportunities available, medical training from Roxbury Community College will position you to land a great job!

The outlook for nursing and associated professions is bright. Full-time nurses can earn $60,000 or more a year, and the healthcare industry is projected to continue expanding over the next decade.

nursingwageNurses can work in a variety of specialties in the nursing profession, including in-patient and out-patient care, in hospitals, long-term care, and community health.

An associate of science degree in nursing from RCC is designed for students who seek careers as Registered Nurses (RN). The program prepares graduates for the National Council Licensing Exam in Registered Nursing, and articulates with many baccalaureate nursing programs for graduates continuing their education.

RCC has clinical affiliation with some of the top healthcare facilities in the country, including right here in Boston. RCC graduates have earned a good reputation. The college’s staff is rigorous, enthusiastic, and committed to training students to succeed in the nursing profession.

To learn more about earning an Associate in Science degree in nursing or a certificate in practical nursing (LPN), visit the RCC website:


• See RCC’s course catalogue for a full description of courses and a list of prerequisites.

• College Biology II is the prerequisite to A&P I. Microbiology also has pre-requisite courses. Enrollment in or successful completion of English Composition is pre-requisite to General Psychology at Roxbury Community College.

• Nursing courses are sequential. The successful completion of each course is a pre-requisite for the next level course.The program requires a specific admission exam (Test for Essential Academic Skills exam) as part of the nursing admissions criteria. Pre-requisite course work should be completed or in the process of completion prior to taking this exam.

• Visit www.nln.org

Joint Admissions: Framingham State into Nursing (RN to BSN)

Transfer Options: Northeastern University (Nursing), Simmons College (Nursing), Simmons College (*Master of Science in Nursing), Framingham State (Nursing), UMASS Boston (BSN Online), UMASS Dartmouth (Nursing), Emmanuel College (Nursing), UMASS Boston (Nursing).

Learning Outcomes: As a result of completing the Nursing program at RCC and all the assigned work, the graduate of this program will be able to: 1) Apply the nursing process in the care of culturally diverse clients with actual and potential common health problems throughout the life cycle.

Communicate therapeutically with clients, families, and health care team members to assist in the achievement of desired outcomes.

Promote the health of culturally diverse clients and their families throughout the life cycle through the implementation of effective teaching plans.

Participate as a member of the health care team.

Manage the nursing care of groups of clients with common health care problems across a variety of settings.

Apply management concepts to the practice of the associate degree nurse.

Demonstrate professional attributes within the practice of associate-degree nursing.

Utilize critical thinking skills while applying the nursing process to provide compassionate individualized nursing care to culturally diverse clients across a variety of settings.

Nursing Assistant Training Program

Interested in a Health Career? Take the next step to employment!

-Program Outline:

10 Week Program

Nursing Laboratory Sessions

Clinical Work Experience

Assistance in Job Search and Job Placement

Cost: $593 (includes cost of CNA exam)

Phone: Corporate & Community Education, 617-933-7425

Email: [email protected]


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