Message from the president

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It gives me great pleasure to present the inaugural issue of the Roxbury Community College (RCC)
CareerFocus Magazine.  It is designed to give you an overview of how we are striving to meet our mission to facilitate the success of students in achieving their educational goals.

Now in our 41st year, RCC is a comprehensive, multicultural, urban, student-centered and open-access community college, providing learning opportunities for all who may benefit.  The College serves the educational needs of Roxbury, surrounding communities and other diverse populations in the Commonwealth.

Many of our students overcome social, cultural and economic barriers to receive specialized training for a new or better job in the global economy of the 21st century. Others, like the talented, Nene Diallo, who graces our cover, go on to four year colleges – and beyond.

For our students, RCC represents the gateway to the dream of a better job and a better life for themselves, their families – and ultimately their communities.

The efforts of Ms. Diallo and all of our students underscore their belief in the American dream which, simply put, means seeking a better chance to take life to the next level. In that spirit,  I am pleased to announce a new resource for students here at RCC called Single Stop USA. Expected to start in mid-July on the RCC campus, Single Stop USA will provide students with counseling to help them learn about federal, state and local financial resources that they may not know they qualify for.

Please look through this new magazine to learn more about Single Stop USA and the other programs, services  and facilities we offer. Visit our Website and visit our campus to see how RCC is helping our students to build a solid foundation for college transfer, better employment, professional advancement, and lifelong learning.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Valerie Roberson

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