RCC’s Career Gateway Uses Technology to Connect Students, Businesses and the Community

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Students and job seekers have a new way to connect with the business community thanks to RCC’s latest technology-based program called Career Gateway. It is designed to bring together RCC, business and industry to help students achieve their goals and address the workforce development needs of communities – virtually.

RCC’s Career Gateway is an online tool to help RCC students better understand career options and connect to local professionals and local businesses which offer mentoring and career training. Students connect to industries online by creating a career portfolio; discovering more about businesses through their online profiles; participating in experiential learning opportunities such as job shadowing, internships, company tours; and asking business professionals (career coaches) questions on a career discussion board. Most importantly, students connect to employment opportunities.

RCC President Valerie Roberson said, “When we bring together students and businesses through this virtual environment, we bridge the gap in connecting students and job seekers who want to align their career options with the needs of local businesses. We encourage businesses to get involved and help make the program a success.”

The benefits are not just for the students and job seekers. Businesses benefit as well because RCC’s Career Gateway will increase their visibility and involvement in the community. Further, businesses will have access to student resumes and will be able to post jobs and activities such as job fairs.

To access RCC’s Career Gateway, students and employers can go to careergateway@rcc.mass.edu. Select current student and Career Gateway.

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